Thursday, January 14, 2010

Tragedy in Haiti

It is horrific to see the tragic images coming out of Haiti in the aftermath of the devastating earthquake that rocked the island nation a few days ago. The scenes of death, destruction and despair on television is almost more than any viewer can withstand. If there is any silver lining to this dark cloud, it is this: It is amazing to see how technology is helping the relief effort. People across North America have been texting donations to different earthquake relief organizations. Millions of dollars have already been raised. For those looking to help, the Canadian Broadcasting Company (CBC) has compiled an amazing list of different relief efforts and the ways in which people in the United States and Canada can help. The URL is:

Every little bit helps - $5, $10, $20 - whatever you can spare. This is a tragedy of gargantuan proportions. I know that a lot of people will be reaching deep into their pockets and doing whatever they can to help the people of Haiti. There is a lot of goodness and generosity in North America. Amazing acts of generosity have already been too numerous to count. Let's all do our own little part to keep that tradition alive and well.

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