Sunday, January 24, 2010

Good Times for Vegans

Please take a look at Virginia Messina's excellent Blog called The Seattle Vegan Examiner. There is some very good news on there for vegans, courtesy of Blogger Erik Marcus. There are more successful vegan books, movies exposing the brutalities of the factory farm system and the fur industry, and big donors and celebrities backing pro-animal and pro-vegan causes than ever before. It's great to see. The actress Natalie Portman (pictured above) converted to veganism last year (after being a vegetarian for years and years). Portman now has her own line of vegan shoes that are apparently selling like gangbusters (right on, Natalie!!!). More and more food chains are starting to carry vegan food, including Starbucks and the growing cupcake chain Sprinkles.

Things are really looking up for vegans. I remember watching a video on YouTube not too long ago, about the time I was converting over to veganism. One of my favorite actors, Casey Affleck (Gone, Baby Gone and The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Bob Ford) was promoting the vegan lifestyle. Affleck has been a vegan for years, since 1995, as a matter of fact. He was discussing how hard it was back in the mid-1990s to find any vegan food anywhere. Vegans were thought of as total freaks back in those days. Now the market for vegan cookbooks has exploded and bookstores have vegan cooking sections, there are vegan mail-order houses across North America specializing in clothing and other vegan goods, and groups such as Vegan Outreach are aggressively promoting vegan living.

Capitalism is all about supply and demand. The best way to change the system is for more and more people to go vegan. If everybody went vegan, the factory farm system would disappear overnight. Change the demand, you change the supply.

(Above: Actress Natalie Portman, fighting the good fight for veganism.)

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