Monday, January 25, 2010

More Insane Destruction of Pigs, Courtesy of - you guessed it - that "Humane" Species Known As Human Beings

As if the mass slaughter of pigs by the factory farm system around the world and the burying of pigs under avalanches in Austria weren't bad enough, now there is another deplorable way that pigs are being destroyed.

In jolly old England, military scientists are blowing up pigs (wrapped in Kelvar blankets) to test the effects of terrorist bomb attacks. So far, 18 unlucky pigs have been blown up. They were chosen because their skin is similar to that of human beings.

Here's something else the scientists should remember: Pigs also have minds that are similar in intelligence to three-year-old children.

The pigs are being blown up in tests that are designed to replicate the horrific London terrorist bombings of July 7, 2005, which killed 56 people in the morning rush hour.

To the poor pigs who have died so horrifically, the terrorists are not al-Qaeda or the Taliban or any of the other bogeymen that we have been so heavily exposed to over the past decade. Hell, Muslims don't even eat pork, so pigs are safe among those groups.

To the pigs, the real terrorists are the British government's teams of "experts" who are blowing them up.

Why the hell is the scientific community in England doing this??? Good question. As the British Telegram newspaper explained:

Scientists wanted to find out how long the animals survived when more than a third of their blood had drained from their bodies.

Medics hope the experiments will help British soldiers in Afghanistan as well as casualties of terror attacks like the July 2005 bombing of the London Underground and a double-decker bus.

In particular these results should help them understand how to control haemorrhaging in bomb blast victims.

Needless to say, no pigs made it out of the tests alive.

How does one even begin to address such insanity? If there is anything positive to be gotten out of this sad story, it is this: At least the animal rights community has strongly condemned the brutality. So did Norman Baker, a Liberal Democrat MP, who told the press:

These are revolting and unnecessary experiments. Sadly, we are too familiar with the effects of terrorism. It is perfectly possible to find out things we don’t know without blowing up pigs to find out.
What's next? Crashing remote-controlled drone airplanes with chimpanzees inside to test what happens to passengers when a terrorist flies an airplane into a building?

Human beings. You gotta love 'em, baby!

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