Monday, January 18, 2010

Crisis in Haiti Devastates Humans and Animals Alike

The crisis in Haiti has been staggering. Some observers are estimating the human death toll could reach 200,000 - just about 30,000 shy of the 2004 Boxing Day tsunami death toll. A lot of generous people around the world are reaching deep in their pockets to donate to charities that are sending aid to the Haitian people. It is a gargantuan effort in every sense of the word. Watching images of rescuers pulling people out of the rubble, the corpses stacked by the side of the road, and the armies of Haitian homeless wandering the streets are all reminders of the precariousness of human life and the damage that mere seconds of severe earthquake can do to people, especially in such an impoverished nation.

In addition to the massive, large-scale effort to bring aid and relief to the Haitian people, there is also a much smaller effort to help the dislocated animals of Haiti. USA Today has noted that the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals is joining forces with the Animal Relief Coalition for Haiti to help take care of the huge population of animals affected by the disaster. As USA Today notes:

There are an estimated 5 million head of livestock in the country (mostly goats), a large stray dog population, an untold number of companion animals and native wildlife all adversely affected by the earthquake.

According to the San Francisco Chronicle, the American Humane Association is also joining in on the rescue effort. There is an excellent Blog entry on Super Vegan about what you can do to help the animals of Haiti. My policy has been to donate to the charities that help human beings and whatever extra I can give, I will give to help the animals. Both are desperately in need of help.

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