Thursday, January 14, 2010

Right on! Ending a Pointless Experiment in Austria

Animal rights activists have scored yet another victory!

Thanks to the efforts of protesters in Austria, a group of scientists from Italy and Austria have halted an experiment of burying anesthetized pigs alive in snow to see if they can gain any insights about how human beings experience being buried in avalanches.

An Austrian group called Four Paws was behind the protest. As a spokeswoman for the group stated: "It is absolutely unacceptable to kill these highly sensitive, helpless animals for such a useless experiment." (Source)

One of the scientists said: "We want to save lives. That's the only goal of this experiment."

That might very well be the case. But thanks to the work of a dedicated group of activists, 29 pigs will avoid dying a horrible death, a death involving being buried alive in snow - an appalling way to die.

No scientific experiment is worth such a heinous act of cruelty.

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