Friday, January 22, 2010

Tom Regan's Brilliant Argument for Animal Rights

Animals are not our property. We human beings have no right to murder them, test them, turn them into clothing, extract resources from them, etc. This philosophy is nothing new, and it certainly does not belong to any individual. There have been many brave souls who have argued these points for years and years. One of the most brilliant is Tom Regan, an American philosopher and professor emeritus at North Carolina State University. Do yourself a favor: Please, please, please watch these videos - the first is Regan speaking in 1989, the second is Regan addressing an audience much more recently in Germany (May 24, 2006). He lays out the case for animal rights beautifully here. Regan is eloquent, humanistic and passionate. If you listen to his words carefully, you'll find that his arguments are impossible to refute.

Note: If you like this video, there are many other Tom Regan videos on YouTube.

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