Tuesday, April 27, 2010

While I'm Heaping Praise...

I love Wisconsin.

Years ago, I recall reading a very moving story in the local Madison paper, The Capital Times - so moving, in fact, that I clipped it, saved it and still have it - about a janitor who rescued some baby ducks whose mother had been killed.

Today, twenty years later, a similar story appeared in newspapers about a kind-hearted good samaritan living in West Allis (a suburb of Milwaukee) who saved 14 newly hatched mallards after their mother was struck by an automobile. (Source)

The woman found the peeping ducklings, put them in her car and drove them to the local humane society and they're now in the good hands of loving volunteers. Turns out that the woman only left 13 ducklings with the volunteers. While she was driving her car, she heard a mysterious "peep peep" coming from somewhere inside. A mechanic took the entire dashboard apart and found a peeping stowaway. The duckling joined the others at the humane society.

I love these types of stories. They teach us that while there are still many animals suffering as a result of cruelty, abuse and violence inflicted on them by sadistic humans, there are also countless ordinary people who - when confronted with the suffering of animals - will stop whatever they're doing to help. Those times when I get so furious with human beings for treating animals poorly, I have to read stories like this one to remind me that there is so much basic decency out there. So many men and women want to help animals. This kindness, I believe, can be channeled into a greater power - one that improves living conditions for animals and makes us, as a human race, more compassionate.

Not just in Wisconsin. Everywhere.

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