Thursday, April 1, 2010

Kudos to Ginnifer Goodwin for Telling the Truth About the Dairy Industry

Ginnifer Goodwin, one of the wives on the hit HBO show Big Love, is teaming up with PETA to bring attention to the brutality of the dairy industry. Specifically, Goodwin and PETA are targeting the California Milk Advisory Board's (CMAB) "Happy Cow" ads.

As Goodwin explained: "In show business, we often have good reason for making people believe things that aren't true, but there is no excuse for CMAB's misrepresentation of the milk industry. Consumers deserve better than to be fed lies about 'happy cows.'" (Source)

Goodwin, a dedicated vegan, knows that dairy farms are dark places where stressed out cows are worked to the breaking point and kept in a constant state of pregnancy. When their babies are born, they are whisked off to be sliced up into veal.

We often fool ourselves into thinking there's nothing wrong with milk. But these "milk factories" are some of the most extreme forms of exploitation and violence against animals that one could possibly imagine.

So kudos go out to Ginnifer Goodwin for speaking truth to power. Hopefully her efforts will help educate people about the realities of this brutal and exploitive industry.

P.S. Another reason to admire Goodwin: She is an avid supporter of Farm Sanctuary - one of my favorite organizations - and she was the spokesperson for their Adopt-a-Turkey Program in 2009. She set the example by adopting an entire flock.

Right on, Ginnifer!

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