Thursday, April 22, 2010

For Vegans, It's the Little Things in Life That Bring so Much Joy!

I was thrilled to read that Becel, a big margarine maker (I believe the company goes by the name Promise in the United States) is making a new kind of vegan margarine! Before now, only Earth Balance made vegan margarine and - I hate to say it - but I am not a huge fan of their margarine. Don't get me wrong. I applaud Earth Balance for selling vegan margarine and all. But it's not delicious and it's fairly pricey. It even leaves a little unpleasant aftertaste. At the risk of being accused of sounding like a human advertisement for Becel, but I can't wait to try their vegan margarine.

Butter is what I miss most about being an omnivore. All milk products - I have to admit - were hard to give up, including cottage cheese, yogurt, cheese and milk itself. And Earth Balance is a poor imitation of butter. Put it this way: Earth Balance alone is not likely to win any new converts to veganism. Maybe Becel's vegan margarine won't be much better. But the fact that a major global margarine producer is now making vegan margarine is an encouraging sign. It means, I think, that we vegans are growing in number. Ten years from now, I bet there will be entire vegan sections in stores.

Maybe that's wishful thinking. But I'm eager to try this new vegan margarine. I'll tell you what I think when I do...

Epilogue/Addendum/Post-Script: I found Becel vegan margarine at the store down the street and bought a tub. It's fantastic! Believe it or not, this is not a paid commercial announcement. But this margarine is a lot more butter-like than Earth Balance. Crazy - the things that give us a thrill in life.

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