Saturday, March 6, 2010

Oscar the Pig: A Role Model for How All Pigs Should Be Treated

A black Vietnamese pot-bellied pig named Oscar, who lives in Dallas, Texas, has just been named the oldest pig in the world by Guinness World Records. He is twenty years old. Above is a video of Oscar, posted on YouTube, enjoying one of his favourite snacks: a pear. His owner, Stacy Kimbell, purchased Oscar as a piglet in 1989. Her boyfriend, proud owner of a pig named Ziffle, saw that the pig thought to be the oldest pig in the world was actually younger than Oscar. So Kimbell produced all kinds of documentation to show that Oscar turned twenty on October 29, 2009. As a young pig, Oscar enjoyed fifteen minutes of fame when he was pictured on a greeting card wearing a string of pearls (!).

Recently, Oscar's family celebrated his birthday, which included guests wearing pig-snout disguises who showered the pig with gifts. Most importantly, Oscar has always been a loyal and loving family member. Like all pigs, he's highly intelligent. He also enjoys spending time with people and the other family pets in the household. Apparently, he's also a great watch pig and chases away anybody he thinks might be an intruder. Congratulations, Oscar! All pigs should have a chance to live such a long and rewarding life.

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