Friday, March 5, 2010

Animal Abuser Registry Long Overdue

California may soon have an Animal Abuser Registry that publicly lists the names of men and women who abuse animals. Bring it on! This would set a much-needed precedent in the battle to reduce (and hopefully one day end) animal abuse. A bill was introduced last month by California's Senate Majority Leader Dean Florez to create the registry. Said Florez: "We think California is primed for this kind of a bill. We've progressed to the point where we as a legislature are moving in a direction of this bill, which is ultimately: How do we in essence prevent repeat offenses when it comes to cruelty to animals in the state of California?" (Source) The registry, according to Time magazine, would "make it easier for shelters and animal-adoption groups to identify people who should be allowed access to animals." (Source) California is on the right track. Let's hope other states move in a similar direction very soon.

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