Sunday, February 28, 2010

More Slaves of the Factory Farm System

Plans are underway in England to construct a factory farm that will house approximately 8,100 cows. It is apparently known as a "Supersize" cattle factory. The cows will have next to no room to move around and will seldom enjoy any sunlight or fresh air. The facility will operate 24 hours and produce 430,000 pints of milk per day. The company, Nocton Dairies, has assured the public that the cows will get to go outside from time to time and that a veterinarian will be on staff full time to monitor their health. Adds spokesman Peter Wiles: "We will have a visitor centre to show the public around. We are aiming to have exceptional standards." I'm sure these cows, if given the vote, would agree with Linda Wardale, spokeswoman for the group Vegan Lincs, who said: "Cows should be in the field, nibbling on grass, but here they're going to keep them in sheds." (Source)

Nocton Dairies will commence operations in September. Sadly, this state-of-the-art facility is about as good as conditions get in the factory farm system. It is a new facility, shiny and clean, where the cows will probably not be physically abused (unlike a lot of dairy farms in North America). But make no mistake: These cows are still treated as enslaved property. Like all dairy cows, these thousands will be kept perpetually pregnant to give milk. And guess what happens to their babies?

This is yet another reminder of why this system ought to be abolished.

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