Thursday, February 4, 2010

Got Milk? Better Question: Got the Stomach for the Truth?

Kudos to the ABC television show Nightline, which aired footage showing the terrible treatment of cows at Willet Dairy, one of the largest dairy operations in New York state. (See the full story here.) I'm proud of ABC for having the courage to air this video. Those who insist the media are not doing their jobs when it comes to animal rights are not entirely correct. Two years ago, CBS featured a similar muckraking report on the harsh treatment of cows in the factory farm system (see the story here).

Do yourself a favour: Follow the link on the ABC News story. Watch the video. It's incredibly hard hitting. And hard to watch.

And while you're at it, consider the facts:
  • Most cows imprisoned in the factory farm system are never allowed outside. Instead, they're forced to stay in dark, cramped, cold spaces.
  • Factory farm cows routinely have their tails docked without painkillers, so the tail won't get caught in milking machines
  • Many of the factory farm workers abuse the cows by hitting them, pushing them, dragging calves across the ground, etc.
If anyone is still under the impression that consuming dairy is somehow more humane than eating meat, then watch the video below.

Cows, like all other factory farm animals, are not ours to abuse, use, exploit, enslave, drag around, kill, etc. Simply improving conditions and making sure the cows are more comfortable is not the solution. And passing laws or enacting regulations to protect the welfare of the cows will not address the deeper issue.

To solve the problem, we must go to the root. The solution is to recognize that all animals have inherent worth and dignity, and all of them deserve to live in freedom and happiness with their families. Animals must be liberated. They've been butchered, scalded, mutilated, mistreated and separated from their families long enough. Time to put an end to such barbarism.

Not tomorrow. Not next year. Not ten years from now.

Now. The factory farm system must go.

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