Wednesday, February 3, 2010

A Big Thumbs Up to New Zealand's Prime Minister...

Thumbs up to New Zealand's Prime Minister John Key for fast-tracking a new bill through the government to get tough on animal abuse. Key has a lot of support for the bill, both within his own party (the National Party) and from the opposition. The public pressure to pass the bill intensified after a man in Wellsford recently shot and killed 33 dogs in a local dispute. The head of the Labour Party opposition, Phil Goff, spoke for a lot of New Zealanders when he said:

I'm the owner of two dogs and have had pets all my life. There is a human obligation to treat animals humanely and we need to do everything we can to stop these appalling acts. We know that there is a link, that people who are capable of committing acts of cruelty against animals [are also capable of behaving] in a similar manner against human beings.

Hopefully the passage of tougher laws in New Zealand (it's looking like this bill is a sure thing) will inspire other countries around the world to toughen their animal cruelty laws. It is time to start punishing those who abuse, harm and - in some cases - kill innocent animals. This law is a very encouraging sign.

PM Key, you get a big thumbs up!

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