Tuesday, February 9, 2010

It's Official: I'm a Sucker from Leona Lewis... And I don't Even Really Listen to Her Music!

Leona Lewis (left), the 24-year-old R&B singer-songwriter, is making statements about fur that make me a fan of hers - and I don't really even listen to her music. Sometimes I hear her tunes on Sirius XM Satellite Radio when I'm driving the car, but to be honest, her music isn't really my cup of tea. I am a much bigger fan of the Sirius station 1st Wave, which plays Eighties' New Wave music. And when her music comes on, I usually change the channel. But I was so impressed by what she said about fur that I'm going to start listening to her music more carefully from here on out. She recently announced:
I think animals are treated very poorly. When I see people wearing fur it makes me so sick. Especially when I see young singers doing it, that sickens me. When I rocked up to my first photo shoot they had feathers and fur there and everything...I had to make it so clear that I just do not go there.

Right on! It is also nice to see that Lewis is a dedicated vegetarian and PETA backer. And I really like what she says about the pressure that young women face to diet and look thin. As Lewis put it:
There is definitely pressure to be a stick insect. Generally, in life, there is. All the magazines have tiny stick insects on their covers. But no one has ever said that to me. Everyone says I've lost weight but I don't see it. It's just eating healthily. (Source)

So amen to Leona Lewis. Even though I'm not a big fan of R&B or soft rock-type music, next time I see one of her tunes on Sirius XM, I'm leaving it there.

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