Monday, June 14, 2010

My Column Celebrating the Men and Women Helping Animals in the Gulf Oil Spill

If you get a chance, please have a look at my column on the Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill. It ran in the Waterloo Region Record and the Guelph Mercury. I'm including the link here to the Guelph Mercury because they posted it on their Website. My column celebrates the brave men and women from around the world who are volunteering to go down to the Gulf Coast to help the animals. Even though there are reasons to be profoundly discouraged, it is also heartening to see caring people out there doing everything they can to help in times of crisis. Check out the column - I think you'll like it.

Incidentally, in Salt Lake City, Utah, there was a fairly sizable oil spill the other day. A Chevron pipeline ruptured, spewing oil into one of the most beautiful creeks in the city, Red Butte Creek. The creek flows to Liberty Park (where there's a beloved pond) and the Jordan River. Both places are popular living spaces for animals. Now those poor oil-covered animals are turning up dead. As one local told the Salt Lake Tribune: "There's so much wildlife here. But that's not going to return in my lifetime. This is a terrible situation."

Once again, good people are taking action, rolling up their sleeves to help. But like those Good Samaritans helping with the Gulf of Mexico oil spill, these wonderful citizens seldom have anything to do with the big oil companies that caused these horrible disasters.

(NOTE: I've posted a video from KSL Television here that shows the awful impact of the oil spill in Salt Lake City...)

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