Thursday, January 3, 2013

The Sadism of Foie Gras

Apologists for Foie Gras - one of the most sadistic foods ever concocted in the long, tragic, violence-filled history of the (in)Human Race - insist the French delicacy made from the livers of duck and geese who were force fed during their short, awful existences, is actually not that cruel.

If you get a chance, have a look at this short video featuring Janet Street-Porter, a British journalist and media personality who is a correspondent on Chef Gordon Ramsay's The F-Word. Here, Street-Porter goes to a foie gras farm in France to witness the ultra-violent way that foie gras birds are treated.

It turns out that Street-Porter chuckles a fair number of times during the video. She is renowned for her odd mannerisms, like acting light-hearted about pretty heavy-duty stuff. But it is clear that she is laughing out of an intense sense of discomfort, and by the end of the video, she makes it clear - in no uncertain terms - that she is going to stay the hell away from this god-awful "food."

We also see an enlarged foie gras liver. It's all the proof you need to know that this "delicacy" is yet another example of the human race at its most depraved, no small feat for a species that wrote the book on the sadism.

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  1. What's amazing to me is how anyone can engage in this atrocious behavior and not be wholly consumed by shame.