Sunday, January 6, 2013

Great Advice on Maintaining a Healthy Vegan Diet

Here is chef and health counselor Alex Jamieson, who has so many great ideas about maintaining a healthy vegan diet. In this video, she gives terrific vegan tips, talks about her vegan cookbooks and mentions some of her favorite vegan recipes.

If you aren't familiar with Jamieson's work, check out here Website here. She was a health advisor to Morgan (Super Size Me!) Spurlock when he was trying to detoxify from his horrifying all-McDonald's diet. As she mentions in this video, the key to success with the vegan diet is variety. She mentions an excellent point - how easy it is for vegans to eat unhealthy processed foods (and how hard it is for those vegans to lose weight).

I'm one of those vegans who pops a few too many Oreos and potato chips. I could stand to lay off that stuff for a little while. I plan to follow Jamieson's advice in the weeks and months ahead. By eating more natural foods ("whole foods," as she calls them), we will all feel better, lose weight, and really gain great benefits from a vegan diet.

Check out this video if you get a chance!

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  1. I've become firmly convinced that sugar is addictive (especially sure of that after the holidays) :-). When I can maintain using fruits and nuts as a desert...I do so much better. Much good advice in this post...thanks. :-)