Friday, December 23, 2011

Great People Fighting the Good Fight

I've made plugs for Toronto Pig Save before. This is a wonderful group of people, based in Toronto, nonviolently bearing witness and resisting the slaughter of these innocent animals.

Have a look at this video. It's a wonderful interview with TPS founder Anita Krajnc. Anita has been a huge inspiration in this region to other animal rights activists. Her eloquence, her persistence, her passion for the cause of teaching people about the barbaric practice of slaughtering pigs, makes her one of the most effective spokespeople of a movement I've seen in a long time.

This is a small movement, but it's growing. TPS now has 427 supporters on Facebook. They're fighting the noblest of noble battles. They deserve support, and for those who are thinking about starting a similar movement in their own community, the example of TPS is worth examining.

Check out Anita in this video and I'm sure you'll agree: This isn't just a Good Fight. It's a Great Fight.

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  1. Yeah, great people fighting the good fight.

    One problem with this video: Anita Krajnc only talks about the "suffering" of pigs; and how bad they are treated. Animal Rights targets the "use" of animals, and not just the abuse. Because if all we address is suffering, then we get on to a slippery slope of "improving" the conditons of sentient beings before we slaughter them. And this is animal "welfare", not animal "rights"...The message needs to be abolition, not better methods of abuse.