Monday, February 28, 2011

Why is One a Pet and the Other Food?

These two beautiful beings are now living a happy life at a wonderful animal sanctuary in Australia called Brightside Farm Sanctuary. If you get a chance, please visit Brightside's website, because our Australian brothers and sisters are doing the work of saints. Both of these animals narrowly escaped what could have been a tragic ending.

Fankie, the kitten, was found trapped in a battery hen manure pit, in terrible shape. She almost didn't make it out of there alive. Lulu, the pig, was rescued while still weaning at a local pig farm. Sadly, the rest of her family wasn't so fortunate. Lulu's relatives are on their way to becoming statistics, numbers to add to the billions of animals murdered every year around the world, for no good reason at all.

The question becomes: Why is one treated as a pet and the other food?

Look at them both. Both love living. Both savour life. Both are part of this wondrous and mysterious drop from the womb to the tomb.

Yet for most people, the cat is a companion animal, while the pig is sliced into pieces for food.

If we vegans have it our way, this sorry state of affairs is going to change. Because veganism represents a deep reverence for all life and an understanding that human beings are not the only species that deserve a good and meaningful existence on this little rock way out in the middle of nowhere.

All sentient beings have a right to live. Like these two amazing friends, whose lives were almost snuffed out, yet they somehow - against enormous odds - were given a second chance.

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