Sunday, February 13, 2011

Introducing the Amazing Chicken (courtesy of Jonathan Balcombe)

Animal Behaviorist Jonathan Balcombe, one of my favorite authors, was interviewed for this fascinating documentary on chickens.

His interview is part of a 2008 documentary titled Fowl Play, an amazing looking documentary on the world of chickens. The film looks like a wonderful documentary about the treatment of chickens in the factory farm system and the efforts of activists to save these beautiful birds and help give them a peaceful life.

The interview is fascinating and I am posting it here because I am a big fan of Balcombe's writings. Incidentally, Fowl Play is brought to us by... Yep! You guessed it... The wonderful folks at Mercy for Animals.

Animal Rights groups do not get any more humane or effective than M.F.A. They have done so much to help teach people about the evils of the exploitation and mass murder of animals.

Thank you, Mercy for Animals, for all you do for animals. And thank you for interviewing Jonathan Blacombe for your documentary. He is one of the most insightful and humane voices in the struggle for a more just world.

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  1. Mercy For Animals is one of my favorite advocacy groups. They do terrific work...hooray for you for writing about them!