Friday, December 3, 2010

Stories of Hope (Dec. 3): Animals Helping Animals

This is truly one of the most amazing videos I've ever seen. It's from a couple years back (2008, I believe). It was shot in Chile and shows one dog rescuing another dog, an injured dog, on a busy freeway. The first dog shown in the video is hit by an oncoming vehicle, but this particular story has a happy ending: The second dog in the video, the hero of this story, saved the life of his injured comrade by - as the announcer points out - wrapping his paws around the dog and dragging him to safety. It is an astonishing video - and it shows what we already know: Animals are nothing short of incredible, to the point of being profound. They're intelligent. They form bonds with each other. And they have tremendous courage.

We didn't need this video to tell us that. Still, it's always meaningful to have our beliefs verified by something so harrowing and moving.

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