Friday, August 6, 2010

Another Example of Compassion at its Finest: A Chinese Farmer Saves a Two-Legged Lamb

Signs of compassion are everywhere. Wherever you go, you'll find decent people with kind hearts who want to help the animals.

Take Cui Jinxiu, a farmer from China's eastern Shangdong province. She heard about a two-legged lamb (who weighed 11 pounds at birth) that ordinarily would have been sent out to be slaughtered. She stepped in to save the lamb's life.

As Cui noted: "He was so determined to live he pulled himself up onto his own two feet and started drinking his mother's milk. I couldn't let him die."
Cui was impressed by the plucky lamb's determination. Now wherever Cui goes, her new little friend always tags along. "He may only have two legs, but he gets around very quickly and is pretty steady on his feet. He follows me everywhere and I haven't got the heart to slaughter him."

Proof that you don't need to look too hard in this world for kindness. No matter where you go, you will find good people who want to help animals. (Source)

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