Saturday, June 7, 2014

One of the Most Powerful Videos I've Ever Seen - And It's Just Someone Talking!!!

There is NOT one ounce of gore, not one drop of blood, not one scene of animal abuse in this video, but it is one of the most extraordinarily powerful videos I've ever seen. It's actually a video of a woman talking (!!). How can that be powerful, you ask? Well, watch it! 

The "talking head," in this case, is Kate Cooper, Marketing Consultant to the Food Industry. Watch how she reveals the "secrets behind food marketing," and - equally important - watch the reaction of the audience as they grow increasingly disturbed by what she says. 

What makes this video so incredibly effective is that the end is stunningly powerful, yet you do NOT see it coming. I promise you: It will leave you speechless.

The video has only been on YouTube for a few weeks and it already has 2 million views. I can see why.

Watch it! Please! No blood, no guts, no violence! Just the sheer power of words.

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  1. I was rather surprised that this video was getting as much play as it was mainly because I sort of found the woman presenting to be rather unpleasant. Her mannerisms and facial expressions seemed off-putting somehow. She's obviously very polished and experienced at presenting...maybe that's what perturbed me. I usually don't respond well to that sort of skill set.

    Nevertheless...what was interesting was the "secret" (willful ignorance) was interesting because I've been reading a lot re the Hitler era and what cropped up over and over in writings was that after the collapse of the regime the populace (in large part) disavowed knowledge of the death factories but many authors concluded this "lack" of knowledge was primarily driven by willful ignorance. In other words, they could have known more but deliberately avoided doing so.

    My own experience with trying to share information about what actually happens to "dairy" victims or any other of the victims of the "food industry" absolutely confirms the ubiquity of the implementation of willful ignorance. The single most frequent response I've received to offering such knowledge has been: "I don't want to know that".

    It probably is the case that any ethical vegan who has tried to present information about what we're doing to our sister and brother Earthlings is well aware of the willful ignorance maneuver. So maybe saying it is a "secret" is an example of willful ignorance. :-)