Saturday, August 10, 2013

A Town in Texas That Loves its Chickens (in a good way!!)

The town of Bastrop, Texas (pop. 7,218), has become a huge chicken sanctuary!

No kidding! And from watching this video, the folks in town are fiercely protective of their Poultry Population!

They even have Chicken Crossing Signs in town!

"This is one animal loving community," says Kay Garcia McAnally, a city councilwoman from the town. "But they're especially proud of their chickens."

People will even run out into the middle of the street and motion to cars to slow down so they don't run over the local chickens. Townsfolk mourned the loss of one of their roosters when he got hit by a car.

Don't mess with the chickens of Bastrop, Texas. They are loved. In a good way!

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