Saturday, March 2, 2013

Should be Mandatory Viewing: Bearing Witness by Toronto Cow Save

This is heartbreaking video shot by the wonderful activists in Toronto who organized Toronto Pig Save. It should be mandatory viewing. Thank you to the brave and inspiring Anita Krajnc for bringing it to my attention. Bless you Anita and all the activists with Toronto Cow Save!

Please watch it. It does not show gore, only terrified cows on their way to death. 

And please, please, please - if you haven't already, please go Vegan!

If you already have, right on! You're a kindred spirit.


  1. Thanks for sharing this. Ms Krajnc and colleagues do what they can to bear witness to the suffering we cause. We can do no less...but much much more must be done.

  2. Thanks Andrew for your passionate writing in support of animal equality.