Thursday, May 3, 2012

Ruby Roth: An Eloquent Spokesperson for Veganism

Here's the wonderful and eloquent Ruby Roth, talking about her controversial book Vegan is Love on CNN. We're lucky to have Ruby on our side, fighting the good fight. In this clip, she is offering a spirited defense of veganism, both as a way to get healthy and a means to improve the lives of animals. She also promotes introducing veganism to kids. Have a look - I'm sure you'll be equally impressed.

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  1. Did she call veganism a diet? >.<
    People don't go vegan for health reasons. They eat vegan food for health reasons. But veganism is a rejection of speciesism and avoidance of animal exploitation in all aspects of life (as much as possible anyways). So zoos, leather coats, rodeos, down pillows, and dog fighting are not vegan, even though we don't eat these things. We need to be careful to not send the message that veganism is just not eating meat, dairy, and eggs most of the time. We need to be clear that it is an ethical stance in action.

    Also, concerning the complaints from others that that is "too much" or "too graphic"...seriously? A huge number of parents take kids fishing and hunting, take them to violent rodeos, and have their kids in 4H where they get to bond with an animal and then go through the emotional trauma of that animal being sent to die....and drawings of animals with bruises is too much??