Thursday, November 24, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving to my American friends, family and loved ones. I hope it's a great Thanksgiving Thursday.

Hopefully, too, Thanksgiving will present a moment to reflect and think about what you're thankful for.

Most of us are thankful to be alive, to be living and breathing, to experience the joys of life.

Turkeys feel the same way we do about living. They love life. They don't want to be fattened up to be murdered. They form bonds with each other. They experience pain. And joy.

Last year, I posted on this very topic in a post titled, "The Tragic Fate of Ben Franklin's Beloved Birds." The title is pretty self-explanatory. It was about the gruesome fate that awaits turkeys that are bred for their meat. Ben Franklin, who loved the turkey (not the taste of his meat, but his innate dignity), wanted the bird to be a national symbol.

Alas, we didn't listen to Franklin. That's a shame. Turkeys are majestic beings. They deserve to live. If we are truly thankful at Thanksgiving to be alive and blessed with loved ones and families, surely we can connect the dots and appreciate the sanctity of all life, including that of the turkey.


  1. We have to believe that at some point the turkeys will be free to enjoy this time of year too. Since they aren't yet, you rightly point' a shame...our shame.

  2. Great post :) I wrote one similar- lol, I'll probably lose all my followers! ;D