Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Just When I'm Starting to Miss Milk Chocolate...

This is a painful video to watch, but we have to see these videos. I watch them over and over, because they remind us of why we fight (that, is what we stand for). This video is about the price that is paid for the milk that goes into Cadbury Chocolate. And I'm not talking about the financial price. I'm talking about the moral price - the prince in pain, in suffering, in death. Cadbury is a very popular brand in England and North America (Canadians love it). Cows spend "virtually their entire lives" in cramped spaces, giving birth to babies that will be murdered instantly, and milk to human beings who do not need it to survive. Thanks to the group Viva in England for bringing these horrible atrocities to our attention. Let us work toward the day when sentient beings are no longer treated so horribly.

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