Monday, April 25, 2011

I'm Proud of CNN: A FANTASTIC CNN Story on the Mercy For Animals Calf Abuse Story

Right on, CNN! The cable news channel ran a terrific story on the Mercy for Animals calf abuse scandal. The interviewer, Jane Velez-Mitchell, was brilliant. This newswoman is definitely in our corner on this issue. Please take about 10 minutes out to watch this video.

NOTE: The horrific violence in the Mercy for Animals video that I posted the other day is not shown in this CNN story, but Velez-Mitchell does a marvellous job of explicitly describing the different types of calf abuse. She is very sympathetic to MFA Executive Director Nathan Runkle and MFA's undercover investigator (whose identity is protected in this video).

MFA deserves our applause for showing these ultra-violent and excessively cruel practices. The word is really getting out about this case and I am very encouraged about the widespread shock and outrage this tragic story has generated.

Please watch this very important video. The struggle continues...

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