Tuesday, March 22, 2011

The Work of Saints: The Catskill Animal Sanctuary

The Catskill Animal Sanctuary in New York state is one of many animal sanctuaries across North America - indeed, around the world - helping abused and neglected animals. This video, from GrassrootsDotOrg, introduces viewers to Kathy Stevens, the director of the sanctuary. She discusses the sanctuary's mission and the importance of a vegan diet as a means of helping these beautiful animals.

This is also a prime opportunity to see the animals at the Catskill Animal Sanctuary. That's why I'm posting the videos from Catskill's YouTube Page below. One look at these amazing beings and you'll agree that they - and all animals - have a right to live a happy life, out in the open, free of cages, without the constant threat of death hovering over their heads.

Sadly, one of the animals in a video posted below, a hen named Ivory, passed away earlier this month, on March 5. But in her short life, Ivory enjoyed a level of freedom and security that the overwhelming majority of chickens will never know. In a place like the Catskill Animal Sanctuary, where each and every life counts, Ivory will be sorely missed.

What becomes immediately apparent as you're watching these videos is how spirited and breathtakingly beautiful and free these animals are. They radiate happiness. Their spirits haven't been crushed. We see the animals of the Catskill Animal Sanctuary living life to the fullest in these videos.

Bless the Catskill Animal Sanctuary - and all of the happy and healthy safe havens - for giving animals a second chance at life. I can't help but feel that if omnivores could see these animals - really see them in their day-to-day lives - that most would stop eating meat and all other animal products right away. The folks who run these animal sanctuaries really, truly are doing the work of saints.

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