Sunday, January 30, 2011

Another Reason to be Hopeful...

I just heard about the protest against Factory Farming in Berlin last weekend. A record 25,000 turned up to protest under the motto "We've had enough - No to genetic engineering, factory farming and export dumping." (Source)

Specifically, protesters targeted subsidies that go to factory farming. There were lots of small farmers at the demonstration who advocated what one protester called "appropriate animal husbandry." Maria Heubuch, head of the Association of Small Farmers, set the tone for many of the protesters when she said:
Factory farming and genetic engineering is a dangerous dead end for farmers and an increased risk for consumers. Animal-friendly husbandry and feeding with local grain and protein feed without genetic modification - this is our future! (Source)
This protest is extremely encouraging. The coalition consists of 120 organizations, including small farming advocates, animal rights activists, and vegan groups. The protests were triggered by the recent so-called "Dioxin Scandal," in which it was discovered that substantial amounts of animal feed - thousands and thousands of tons - had been tainted with dioxin.

When the frightening dioxin story broke earlier this month, Germany froze the sale of tainted poultry, pork and eggs. Apparently, the crisis had a huge impact on ordinary German people and it has done a great deal to mobilize them to resist factory farming and the profit-starved food production sector.

We can learn some lessons from our German brothers and sisters. They're on the march. They're taking back their food industry. They're giving it back to the people. And along the way, many are learning that veganism is the only truly ethical option and the best hope for a sane world.

These protests are refreshing. They give us hope. They give us inspiration. These men and women are role models. They're part of a tide that is slowly rising. The tide is impossible to resist. It will shake humanity to its core, convince us of the need to live ethically and nonviolently and, at long last, end the consumption of animal products.

This is a great movement. I'm just thrilled we're all alive to witness and support it.

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