Tuesday, October 5, 2010

... and the Minks Who Weren't so Lucky...

Yesterday, I blogged about the thousands and thousands of minks set free from mink farms in Ireland and Sweden. The critics of animal rights activists will inevitably assail the liberators in this case as "terrorists" and "irresponsible." Some of the minks released were, in fact, hit by cars on busy roads and now the minks have to fend for themselves outdoors.

But in case your wondering about the unfortunate minks who weren't liberated, please watch this video about a mink farm in Germany. Horrifying though it may seem, this film depicts the typical treatment of minks in these ghastly businesses, from what I understand. Films such as this one are not easy to watch, but they are necessary. Even if you think you have an idea of what happens on these farms, you actually do not until you see this video.

Some of those minks freed in Ireland and Sweden will no doubt be killed by oncoming vehicles or other hazards, and the minks may also feed on chickens and other farm animals. But had they remained in those death factories, there would have been only one outcome for them. They would be skinned - many of them alive while it is happening - and turned into coats for people who either have no idea or simply do not care about the suffering their choices are causing.

It's a terrible racket. It's organized crime, when you think about it. The minks deserve better. Being liberated from their cages is not the solution. Outlawing this kind of mass murder of living beings, creatures with feelings that form bonds with one another and do not deserve to die in such a horrifying fashion, is the necessary first step.

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